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-**Twine 1.4.3 is unreleased** 
-=====Development program===== 
-===Story Map=== 
-  * Signficantly improved the performance of the story map, with minor improvements to numerous other features. Thanks to Richard Lake and Maarten ter Huurne for this. 
-  * Potentially fixed a crash involving dragging passages. 
-  * Fixed a bug where pasting passages would sometimes place them in incorrect positions. 
-  * Added an "​Update StoryIncludes Links" menu option, allowing StoryIncludes passage availability to be manually refreshed. This menu item will be disabled if StoryIncludes isn't present. 
-  * Added Option-Command-F as an alternative 'exit fullscreen'​ key command. 
-  * Now, closing StorySettings will refresh the StoryIncludes links automatically. 
-  * Now, you can include a .tws which itself contains a StoryIncludes passage. 
-===Passage editor=== 
-  * If you highlight a link with separate link text and passage title (such as %%[[link text|passage]]%%) then press control-L, a new passage named "​passage"​ (instead of "link text|passage"​) is created. 
-  * In the "​create passages"​ prompt given when you close a passage containing red links, the '​cancel'​ button now correctly cancels closing the passage. 
-  * Fixed a bug where you couldn'​t import Twine HTML files which had tags written in uppercase. 
-  * Fixed a bug where Twine HTML files with storeArea <​div>​s with the attribute "​hidden"​ couldn'​t be imported. 
-  * Changed the MIME-type of imported TTF font files from "​application/​x-font-ttf"​ to "​application/​font-sfnt",​ and added "​format(truetype)"​ to the generated @font-face CSS, and made similar changes for OTF fonts. 
-===Story formats=== 
-  * Now, Twine will continue instead of crashing if, during startup, the last opened story'​s format isn't available. Also, it will properly error and quit if zero story formats are available (which should be unlikely). 
-  * Changed the naming of custom story formats'​ Python files from [story format name]/​[story format name].py to [story format name]/​,​ in order to fix the issue where if a user renames the story format'​s directory, the custom Header file will no longer be found. However, old story formats which still use [story format name].py should continue to work correctly. 
-=====Game engine===== 
-  * Fixed a missing Y in the "got itself in a mess" error message. 
-  * The storeArea'​s passage is now read using textContent instead of innerText, fixing a number of minor bugs involving consecutive whitespace in passages being truncated. 
-  * Fixed a bug where the image syntax didn't work with images at external URLs. 
-  * Fixed a bug where variables saved via «remember» were unwittingly shared over all Twine stories accessed from the same website. 
-  * Fixed a bug in Jonah where certain internal links created by custom macros would alter the element ID of .passage elements named "​undefined"​ (case-sensitive). 
-  * A warning is now displayed on startup if a script passage contains code which replaces History.prototype.display with an older version that doesn'​t support the correct number of arguments. 
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