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Super Sudden Surprise Challenge: Flash (Interactive) Ficton



  • That's the thing, I couldn't check the source. Like I say, the TWS errored when opening and importing the HTML left out two or three passages. Important ones.

    But, from what I saw, yes, you could cut a lot of words out. It hurts, but you can always make another bigger version later. I did so with the Twine 23 challenge.

    I'd cut out picking up the tools and anything at all about the apartment, which has no value in the game. Just run everything from the farm. 

    (Also, I'd come right out and say you have 60 turns in the opening instead of "a few.")

    What's the difference between shoot and negotiate? Kinda weird talking to zombies, more so than the cow. Talking to the cow is trippy and funny. The zombies? Like, what would you say? "Hey, guys, can you back up a little bit? K, thanks." I'd rather just shoot them. That would save a bunch of words, I'll wager. Otherwise, the gun has no importance.

    Inurashii, I'm not ignoring your games! I already played the hero contest and it was great! I'll post them up in a second and play the other one. :)

    Some great games this time around! Congrats, everyone! :D
  • (Sorry for the thread derail! Sharpe, do you want to move these posts to Workshop? Your call.)

    Shooting the zombies is more like to succeed, but less effective. I wonder why you can't view the tws, I'll try making another. Don't know why, but I kinda like the apartment. I expect my maths code is a mess though, can probably cut out a hundred at least there.

    I'll check out everyone else's games soon! Played 2 so far.
  • inurashii wrote:
    Ok, gang. Suffered a major setback, losing several hours worth of work to a crash and foolish saving practices. Soooo I only have two games instead of the 3 I was going for, though I may write the 3rd tomorrow anyway.

    "Hero Contest" is one of those resource management on a timer games that twine seems to inspire but that I hadn't really tried yet. Curious to hear how people do.
    "Mortal Queue" isn't so much a game as an attempt at mood and mechanic.

    Due to size limitations, these are just the html files; the .tws files will follow this post.

    Enjoy! :)

    First play-through of Hero Contest, I got second place. Next two play-throughs, they didn't let me in the door since my rep wasn't high enough. Fourth time:

    [quote]Your physique is tested! Not bad! You take 2nd!
    Your skill is tested! Not bad! You take 2nd!
    Your coolness is tested! You don't even place...
    Your heart is tested! You come in 3rd. Could be worse.
    Your weirdness is tested! You come in 3rd. Could be worse.

    ... the judges give you your final hero score:

    The result:
    You did it!

    You beat your rival and took your place as the best hero in the universe! Congratulations!

    The End

    I'm going to have my mom put that on the freezer!!!  ;D

    I actually really liked Mortal Queueue (did I get all the 'e's and 'u's in there?) as well, though I didn't think I would for some reason. Well, the reason I didn't think I would like it is because I thought it was going to be linear traditional flash fiction. But it wasn't! It was cool. Lighthearted and fun.

    Anyway, I made it to Heaven. Probably the closest I'll come is in your game. ;D

    Great job, Inurashii! ;D
  • mostly wrote:
    (Sorry for the thread derail! Sharpe, do you want to move these posts to Workshop? Your call.)

    Nah. We're talking about challenge games, so it's on topic. Too late for that anyway. Only a few hours left. Maybe after you're done you could post a new topic there showcasing it if you wanted.
  • Okay, I made a few small edits to The Minotaur's Maze, nothing big. I took out the "you're lost" passages because they didn't really add anything to the game and were potentially frustrating and annoying.

    Anyway, attached is the new version. It came to 1,000 words and 15 passages.

    I'm off to bed now. I'll check the thread tomorrow to see if there were any more entries. Still have a couple hours in my time zone.

    Great job, everyone!  8)
  • Yeah, I cheated. It's 1:42 AM and there are 1,157 words. And 15 passages.

    K? K.

    I wrote this dang thing for this dang contest so here it is! :D
  • loopernow, it's sweet. :) Sometimes it's nice to play something really straightforward.

    I've played everybody's games and I think y'all did a great job!

    I'm still planning to write and post a third game today, even if it's a total throwaway outside the bounds of the comp ;D
  • oh, and I'm a TERRIBLE farmer. I made $4400.
  • Excellent! One more entry to wrap it up. I'm sure it was before midnight somewhere in the world! Good job, Looper!

    I'd certainly call this a success!  ;D

    Thanks, everyone, for your participation.

    I look forward to seeing everyone's entry into the next Super Sudden Surprise Challenge. When will that be? Who knows! It'll be a surprise!
  • I made one too. As I said at it was almost done by midnight (I was missing one <<endif>>) but I had an old version of Twine on my computer that didn't support "display" so I couldn't get it to work until I downloaded the latest version.

    Here it is: Reunion.
  • Hey, great! We'll count it! You got your foot in the door over on! I'll edit the submissions. :)
  • I've never used the Twitter or read any Tweets or anything, but I just signed up and I think I successfully "tweeted" @twinethreads. Dunno if I did it right, though. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

  • From the intfictionforum:

    [quote]Hero Contest, Mortal Queue and Train Station seem not to be playable if you're not logged into the Twine board.

    I had no idea non members couldn't follow those links! Are the authors able to host on philoma, dropbox, etc? I can host them on my dropbox if needed.
  • Yeah, I PM'ed them. I didn't know non-members couldn't download attachments, either, but it makes sense.

    When are your adoring fans going to get an updated Tiny Weird Future Farm? ;)
  • I don't think it makes sense at all to gate downloads off to non-members. In a site where you're trading illegal stuff I suppose that you'd want to limit access, but otherwise it seems unwelcoming and unnecessary.
  • Yeah, I don't have an opinion one way or the other. It's up to Chris. I'll e-mail him and mention it.

    Updated the list to include Looper's Philome address.
  • My stuff's all on my page now:

    I'll probably stick with that in the future and upload the .tws file here when relevant.
  • Hi, wanted to chime in about attachments. What I definitely don't want to have happen is for people start to use this forum as a way to host their Twine stories, mainly because there are way better choices out there for that purpose (Philomela would be my go-to). The point of allowing attachments here was so people could post a .tws or even a published story file that wasn't work right and get help with that. So that's my reasoning for preventing non-logged in users from accessing attachments.
  • Given the nature of this forum, though, people will be also posting tools that might be useful regardless of whether one is interested in having an account here or not. Examples might include extensions, syntax highlighters, .tws demos, etc.
  • I feel like I'm missing something. If I want to post a file for the public at large to use, what's the advantage for me to use this forum software instead of something along the lines of Google Drive or Dropbox?
  • One reason for storing a 'tool' (or something of the like) internally rather than somewhere like Google Drive or Dropbox is "continued availability".

    Because the external location is under someone else control there is no way of knowing that the file wont be deleted (for whatever reason), making tool suddenly unavailable.

    (please understand, im not trying to tell you how to run your forum, just pointing out a potential problem)
  • Also, I doubt anyone would want to use the forum to release games except within a challenge like this; its clunky, sure, but more importantly you have to download the games to play them, which is enough to put a huge chunk of your audience off.
  • Absolutely outstanding crop of stories. I enjoyed every single one. Some great writing, and smart interactivity. Congratulations to all.
  • klembot wrote:

    I feel like I'm missing something. If I want to post a file for the public at large to use, what's the advantage for me to use this forum software instead of something along the lines of Google Drive or Dropbox?

    I hate to continue posting in this thread, but to answer this: this forum is where the discussion is happening and where at least some proportion of the users are. If I don't intend on doing a "real" release of something, it makes as much sense to post it here as anywhere else. It would disappear from Dropbox or (depending on configuration) Google Drive were I to delete it from my hard drive.

    My comments here are based on how I've observed these things to happen in real life, including on this forum (both tools, games, and things in between are already here in abundance). I'm already a member of, so I don't really care what the policy is, but I know that when I've tried to download something from other forums that lock out non-members, I have found it incredibly annoying and off-putting.
  • Well, my perspective on it is that if you start depending on this forum as a stable place to download things from, it makes life a lot more difficult for maintenance. Meaning -- if there's an update to the forums software or heaven forfend, we switch software, we have to sweat whether we've broken the URLs for all these downloads, some of which might be ancient and mostly forgotten!

    I absolutely think allowing attachments as means of furthering a discussion makes sense. I'm just not sold on forum software being a real file hosting mechanism.

    Sort of related, I will point out that the folks who run would accept Twine-related uploads, whether they are tools to help with creating Twine stories or finished works. There's a delay between submitting a file and having it posted to the archive, so you would not want to use it for works-in-progress -- but to me, the right place for that would be a Dropbox or similar.
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