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Corrupted Text Animation

Hey, everyone. I'm working on a Twine game simulating a console, and I'd like to implement the glitchy-looking text seen in this example, Porpentine's The Sky in the Room:

I've implemented the typewriter javascript that was used in an example with this same code, but I can't figure out how to get a passage to use this text.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


  • Is this where you got the JS:

    If so, did you tag the passage with "t8n-typewriter-" followed by the number of milliseconds between each character appearingfor instance "t8n-typewriter-10" or "t8n-typewriter-2"?

    Passage tags are added (with no quotation marks) in the field right under the passage title.

    You can save the example game (under the file menu of your browser, select "save page as") and import the HTML file in Twine (under the file menu) to look at the way it used the script.

    Hope that helps. :)
  • Yes, I have the typewriter text working perfectly. I was looking for the 'decrypt' text animation.

    Through importing the HTML file, I found that the author used the tag "decrypt" in a passage to initiate the animation on all the text in a passage. So, I got it working! :D

    However, ideally I'd like to only apply the decrypt animation to one word in the passage, which I'm not sure if that's possible. This isn't wholly necessary but would be nice.
  • Quick update for anyone with the same problem:

    I also found a way to make the corrupted text's severity change, and turn it off/on for specific passages (still not sure on how to do specific words).

    In the function included in the HTML file from The Sky in The Room, there's a Math.random() command that uses 30 in part of its command. Moving this number closer to 1 makes the text glitch out more and more, to an unreadable point at anything below. The higher it gets, the less it happens and the less severe it is.

    In addition to that, I made a variable to control whether or not the corrupted text is enable. at the start of every passage, everything can be adjusted with a simple:

    <<set $corruptedtext = true>>
    <<set $corruptedtext = 60>>/tt]

  • Hello everybody (if there is still anyone reading) !
    I am pretty new to Twine, and I am desperately looking how to use Porpentine's text corruption effect :
    As you did DJProfessorK, I have downloaded the twee, but once I want to play the story, I get an error alert :

    There is a technical problem with this story (Typeout Transition: expected expression, got '||'). You may be able to continue reading, but all parts of the story may not work properly.

    It happened to me with several story twees, no idea why and what I can do.

    Can anyone offer me some help ? Possibly send me a neat 'decrypt' script in text format ?
    Also, thank you very much Sharpe and DJProfessorK for your contributions which already are of big help  :)
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