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What's the SugarCube license?

The SugarCube website says that it's libre, but I can't figure out which specific license it's using.


  • SugarCube has traditionally used a permissive implied license (basically: make whatever you want with it, I don't care).  However, since you're not the first person to ask about its license, I've published a new release (v1.0.7) changing SugarCube's licensing to an express license, specifically the Simplified BSD License.  The end result is largely the same (still: make whatever you want with it, I don't care).
  • Just to clarify, if I use SugarCube to write a story, then I don't need to make the Copyright statement from the license agreement visible to the reader? I've not noticed anyone doing this...

    Can I assume that SugarCube has taken care of embedding it in the HTML itself? Each story would seem to include elements of the SugarCube binary distribution.
  • If you're distributing the compiled HTML file itself, then you do not need to worry about including the license.

    If you're distributing the compiled story bundled within a binary wrapper of some sort (e.g. wrapping it within NW.js or something), then you are required to include the license (within the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution).
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