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Community Guidelines

edited November 2016 in Chit-Chat
By using these forums, you agree to abide by the following community guidelines:
  1. Treat others with kindness and respect and follow the Golden Rule.
  2. Do not make derogatory comments about others' race, gender, sexual preference, religion, ideologies, or political affiliation.
  3. Do not spam the forum. No solicitation or advertising of a commercial nature is allowed without permission from the forum administrator.
  4. Discussion in furtherance of any illegal activities (for example, software piracy, copyright infringement, etc.) is not allowed.
  5. Images containing nudity are not allowed.
  6. Written erotica should not be disseminated without clear disclaimer. Label any thread containing mature subject matters as not safe for work (usually by preceding the thread's subject title with "[NSFW]").
  7. Do not make repeated posts of the same nature or cross-post in multiple sub-forums.
  8. Do not post irrelevant comments; stay on topic.
  9. Do not use excessive profanity or profanity at all in subject titles. The content of threads marked NSFW are exempt.
  10. Forum members may have only one account. Sockpuppeting is not allowed.
  11. We reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines at any time without warning.
  12. We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason at any time without warning.
If you feel a post violates these guidelines, please use the Flag option beneath it to let a moderator know.
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