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Want to credit Twine and Chris Klimas on the imprint of our Gamebook-is this ok?

Hello everybody!
Simon, a good friend of mine, wrote a gamebook in the style of the Fighting-Fantasy and Fabled Lands-Books (if you are not common with that: sort of a Choose-your-own-adventure-book with some simple RPG-Rules). The Story is set in an alternate reality of medieval Japan which is inhabited by human-size quails. Similar to an Animal-Fantasy-Story like the Redwal-Books. Or for a newer example: the Mouse-Guard-Comics. The book contains over 800 sections. You can become a samurai, a monk, an ninja, a scout or a sorcerer.
Beeing a Fan of Fighting-Fantasy too, I accepted to do the coverart. On my deviantart-account ( ) you can watch the creation of the cover. Please note also Simon's account ( Simon did all the interior illustrations in a fine pencil-style.
The first version of the gamebook was handwritten. Then Simon transfer it to an Open-Office-file. When I joined the project I suggest to copy the whole book into Twine to check all the links. Twine was very helpful, and I can luckily say that there are now no broken links or lost passages in the book. Long live Twine and his creator! :D
I worked with Version 1.3.5. Well, that is long time ago isn't it? I dind't check the development of Twine while I was working with it (it took a long time). Sometimes I thought Twine was forgotten. But I am even more happier to see that it has grown to a big community of fans and developers! So long live this community to! :D
Back to the topic: I recently finished the work on the cover and now we are ready to print it via Print-on-Demand-Service. We like to credit Twine, his creator and this community on the imprint. Without Twine the correction of this book wouldn't have been so easy.
Are you feeling comfortable with that?
With kind regards


  • Greetings and welcome!

    It's great to hear of a new gamebook! I love gamebooks and grew up playing Lonewolf long before the Internet.

    I'm sure Chris will be along. He frequents the forums.

    What's the title of the book?

    Will it be published in English?

    The cover looks fantastic.

    Have you a link to the author's site? Edit: Oops! Noticed you linked to his DA account.

    Good luck with publishing!
  • Hi, that would be fine with me!
  • Thanks a lot!

    I will post a picture of the imprint a soon as possible after we printed it. Sadly the book will be only in german. But we are thinking about to translate it someday.
  • Here is an example for our imprint:

    Vielen Dank an Chris Klimas und seinem feinen Programm Twine, das bei der Korrektur von DWDW beraus hilfreich war.


    Thanks a lot to Chris Klimas and his fine program Twine which helped us very much to correct DWDW.

    Does this sounds ok?
  • Sounds great to me. Thanks for checking with me.
  • Hello Everyone!

    Our Gamebook is printed! You can dowload the gamebook for free under (, and the character sheet under (
    Visit our facebook-page if you like! Is there a twine-group at facebook too? If it is I could link it to our page if you like.
    All the best
  • Congratulations! I downloaded the gamebook and am drooling. If only I could read German!

    As far as I know, there is no Facebook page, but I don't have a Facebook page either so I can't say for certain.
  • Hi there! A long time past since my last post. In the meantime we revise our gamebook and published a 2. edition. The Book is still available only in german but...

    Luise Rose translated our Promo-Adventure into English, so you ca get an impression immediately! You can get the Promo-Adventure as an pdf at our website here:

    A 13-section-minigamebook, that tells the backstory behind the main plot. Have fun!
  • Here is a screenshot of the TWINE-map of our gamebook, done with version 1.3.5. Is there a way to transfer the file to a newer version (2.+) ? There are so many new cool features, like adding pictures to the sections, since v. 2 and I want to make a html-version of our gamebook, so that everybody can play it online (dice and pencil will be still needed).

  • Twine 1.x and Twine 2.x are two different GUI applications with similar names that both allow you to create Twine Story HTML files, one isn't really a 'later version' of the other.

    If you built your original Twine 1.x story using the SugarCube (1.x or 2.x) story format then you can use the utility found in Utilities second of the relevant series's website to create a Twine 2.x Archive file based on an existing Twine 1.x Story HTML file.

    You would then import the new Twine 2.x Archive file into the application using the Import From File option.
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