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Jan 17-19: PAIRS Challenge!

What? A challenge, you say?

It's been a while and some of us in the USA have a long weekend, so why not? Let's make things. Little things, big things, Twine 1.x things, Twine 2 and Twee things.

Since Twine 2 came out recently, the challenge is PAIRS. Or any other interpretation of 2 that you like, really.

[list type=decimal]
Use Twine to create a new game beginning SATURDAY, JANUARY 17. Make it new. No one is checking, but honor system, friends. IF Scout Promise: "I will start something NEW for this."
It seems like we should have more guidelines. How about an EVEN NUMBER of passages?
If you really want extra credit, make it UNDER 2,000 WORDS, as counted by the Story Statistics.
The challenge ends Monday, January 19 at 11:59 PM in your time zone, whatever that is.

And stealing some nice boilerplate from Sharpe (Thanks, Sharpe!):

[quote]Post your games here in this thread either as an attachment or as a link. Bonus points if the link to your game is on IFDB! You may submit as many games as you like.

All submitted games are considered licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.

Entries will be compiled and listed in the next post of this thread.

You can submit as many different stories as you like.

All right. Go have fun on Friday night, then come in rip-roaring and ready to go on Saturday. I'm posting this now so that people can see it and cancel all weekend plans accordingly*.

See you Saturday!!

*Don't cancel your plans!! Your plans need you.


  • Hurrah! Thanks for setting this up.

    Not to detail the thread or anything, but random question--is your username based on the Hamlet character Rozencrantz (or Tom Stoppard's version Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead)?
  • I am SO on this. Count me in!
  • Hello! Time to start. I have Ideas, but we'll see how far I get in implementing them this weekend. A proof of concept, at the VERY least.

    Dacharya, it's from the Stoppard! From viewing the movie at a tender age (okay, teenage is not exactly tender, but) and banter with a friend at the time, it was decided that I am Rosencrantz. It stuck. :D
  • I am 136 words over. *gnashes teeth*

    So close!
  • This thing is becoming too big to finish today. Sorry. But, hey, now I got an interesting story going!
  • Ooh but could you post a work in progress? I'd be thrilled to see what you started -- though I also understand Not Sharing Until Done!

    I am reading through mine and then I'll post it.
  • Will do, as soon as I think I have enough.
  • Awesome!

    I think mine's functional now. A TON of technical credit goes to the multi-panel twine game layout post elsewhere in this forum.

    Play/read Silver and Gold here!
  • Really nice! I feel the need to let you know that I won't have any cool aesthetic stuff, though. Just the default look. Still figuring that stuff out.
  • Thanks!

    And no need to apologize for not focusing on any aesthetic stuff! My obsession with CSS doesn't have to be anyone else's. Plus the heavy lifting was done by another user in the referenced post.
  • Finally got this (close enough to) finished! Link:

    Rosencrantz, cool to hear about the origin of your username. I've only seen parts of the movie but loved the Stoppard play. Also, incredible job with the piece. I loved the two different perspectives using the multi-panel layout. The aesthetic was great. What font did you use for the black side of the story?

    XAV, can't wait to see an excerpt (or the finished product when you release it).
  • Dacharya, yours is so meta. I really enjoyed it!

    Thanks for the kind words! The sans serif is Lato.
  • Congrats, guys! :-)

    Rosencrantz, you used the double pane theme very well. That was great. I liked it!

    Dacharya64, deep, man! I liked yours too!

    Both of you nailed the challenge theme, too.

    Perhaps it's fitting there was only a pair of participants this time. ;-)

    Good job, guys!
  • Not sure if this counts as cross-posting (if it is I'm sorry), but since you asked, here's part of what I've been working on:,2290.0.html
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