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Is there any way to change the color of passages in the editor?

Howdy! I'm working with a team on a really large story project using twine. It would make collaborating SO much easier if it were possible to change the color of a passage in the twine editor to mark whether a passage is done or not, or if it has been edited, etc. Is this possible? I've spent a lot of time on google and all I can find is CSS styling for the build.
I'm comfortable with coding if it's possible to access it that way.


  • There is no in-built configuration to change the colour(s) of normal passages shown on the Passage Map.

    But Twine 1 is open source, it is written in Python 2.x and and the source code can be found here. There are other people that run customized versions of the application.
  • Thank you! I'll look into that.  :)
  • This doesn't change the color, but in Twine 1 tags can also help keep the passages organized like so: undefined
  • Somewhat related to dacharya64's idea.  If you write a story format support file (in python), or modify the existing one if the story format already has one (it'll be within the format's directory as {format_name}.py), then you could use tags to change the color of the tagged passages.

    Something like the following should work:

    import os, os.path, header
    class Header (header.Header):
    def passageTitleColor(self, passage):
    Returns a tuple pair of colors for the given passage (normal mode color, Flat Design mode color).
    Colors may either be: HTML hex strings (e.g. "#555753") or RGB triples (e.g. (85, 87, 83)).
    You'll probably want to prioritize your conditions from highest to lowest.
    if ('done' in passage.tags):
    return ('#4ca333', '#4bdb24')
    elif ('edited' in passage.tags):
    return ((80, 106, 26), (134, 178, 44))

    # Required to properly color passages if you don't match a tag above
    return super(Header, self).passageTitleColor(passage)

    Obviously, you'd want to customize the tag names and colors.

    PS: If the story format already has a support file, then just add the passageTitleColor() method above, if doesn't already have one, or your conditions to its own, if it does.
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