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can be used twine to work together online

Hello. Twine is fantastic, I'm looking for something like this for several authors. I need that twine saved data in a online server, dont personal browser, this way diferents authors can modify and contribute to collaborative story.

It is possible? another tool? Thanks


  • If you're using Twine 2.0, 'Archive' the file, and then copy the .html file generated to a shared space (dropbox, gmail, github, etc.)

    To automate this, use 1 browser for Twine 2.0 only, then configure your automatic download directory to be that of where you want to save it. This will save you needing to copy and paste it into the directory all the time.

    If using Twine 1.4, you should just be able to save the source (.tws) file in the shared space and that should work. .tws files are text only anyway I think.
  • Using the method suggested by tommakesgames would allow multiple people to access the Archive file at the same time BUT it does not allow two or more people to edit the story at the same time because they would be overwriting each others edits when they each recreated the centrally stored Archive file again.

    There is currently no way to synchronize the changes in two copies of the same story that has been edited by two people without using a external Version Control System.

    There is no client-server based version of Twine 2.
  • Couldn't you use github/bitbucket/etc.? Twine is all text based right, so merges should be fine.
  • tommakesgames wrote:

    Couldn't you use github/bitbucket/etc.? Twine is all text based right, so merges should be fine.

    You may have to manually resolve issues like two people inserting different new passages at the same point in the archive file, or editing the same line in the same passage but this is a normal operation for people using VCS's but can be a little confusing for someone who has never used a VCS before.

    Another issue that may come up is that the Archive file is re-generated each time you use the option, so if for any reason it decides to change the order of the passages within the archive file being built it would cause a major merge conflict which could be very interesting to manually resolve.
  • I'm going to be trying to actually set this up, I'm co-authoring a twine game with another person and would really like some VCS action going on.

    Is there any reason that the archive file would change the order of the passages?
    Though I guess the merging wouldn't be too awful.
  • The Archive file contains all the stories within your StoryCollection, so the first thing that could change the order of it's contents is creating a new story. By default the StoryCollection is sorted by name but it can also be sorted by lastUpdate.

    Based on the source code currently the Passages within each story project appear to be stored in the order they were added to the story's PassageCollection, so deleting a passage could change the order they appear within the Archive file. Obviously any change to the PassageCollection's internal sort order would also effect the Archive file.
  • Yeah, Twine 2 has somehow managed to get all the disadvantages of being a web based app without getting any of the advantages...

    With Twine 1.4.2 you can use StoryIncludes - split the story up between multiple includes and you can have one person work on an include at a time - and then swap them round.
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