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Indent at beginning of paragraph? (resolved)

edited February 2015 in Help! with 1.x
This seems like it would be so easy! But after the better part of an hour of trying to work this out it's not clear how to have an indent at the beginning of a paragraph, like so:


There's the syntax <blockquote> of course, but there's nowhere to place the ending bracket that would produce the above effect. If I do just the first word, then that word is totally isolated (as illustrated below)


If I place the end bracket anywhere else the paragraph is severed. I can successfully have the whole paragraph indented (by placing the bracket at the end) but the having it just be the first line eludes me. I searched the wiki and forums, but didn't really encounter anything issue that was similar besides this!searchin/tweecode/indent/tweecode/RZyX4Nw4myw/cGkeLkCsNb8J. I tried what was recommended, but the result didn't pan out


I got the feeling that its something super-simple and its right under my nose, but I have no idea what! Thanks for reading.


  • Wrap each paragraph of text in your passage with a <p> HTML tag

    <p>A paragraph of text......</p>
    and use some CSS to style it.

    #passages p {
    text-indent: 2em;
  • Success! Thanks greyelf!
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