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Some Jquery excitements on which I could use assistance. Thank you.

Hello there. As TheMadExile and others were so helpful last time, I wondered if I might be able to get some additional assistance with some other jQuery/Javascript issues that I have been having... this will certainly aid my learning of the language, and perhaps clear up the idiosyncracies once and for all of getting Javascript/jQuery to work in Twine.

BTW - I have jQuery turned on in my StorySettings.



I have an element, #lamppostlook, on one of my Twine passages, and another element, #lamppostmouseover, on the same passage but with the CSS set to
What I would like, very simply, is to have #lamppostmouseover change from
over, say, 600ms, when #lamppostlook is hovered over. I'm having a bit of difficulty writing the script, as well as getting it into Twine.

Is the best thing to do, as L suggests elsewhere, to create a script passage and then <<display>> it in the passage? Or use Dan Cox's JqueryExternalLoading macro?


I have some very small elements, each #'ed fly, with a looping CSS animation in one of my Twine passages. This animation makes them move in a seemingly random pattern. Though they are very small, they are selectable, and clickable, with the mouse. As above, I need help writing a script and implementing it in Twine which would allow me to click on each of these small elements and pause this animation, keeping them where they are? Ideally, this would also assign them a new class, .paused, as well.

Also, is there a way to make this pause persist even when clicking away and then returning to the Twine passage?

Thank you so much for your help,

Bonfire Dog
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