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WAG Challenge -- A game jam about game writing -- Write a Twine game in June 2015 ;)

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Hi there!

I hope I'm posting that in the right place. I'm the organizer of the WAG Challenge, a game jam with a strong focus on game writing. It's happening during the whole month of June 2015! It's officially supported by the IGDA Writing SIG. The entries will be judged by a jury of pro writers in the game industry: Tobias Heussner (Drakensang Online), Anna Megill (Guild Wars 2), Ann Lemay (Bioware) and John Ryan (Guild Wars 2 and Destiny's Loremaster).

Also, there'll be prizes to be announced soon!

Twine games will be more than welcome :) Help us spread the word about the contest if you're interested!
If you have any questions, please ask! There's also a dedicated forum for the contest to find teammates and share resources.

Thanks a ton and have a great one!

Galejade (@lecrivaillante)


  • Quick question, since I am new to both TWINE and GameJams.

    Is it like NaNoWriMo, where you can only begin and end in that month? Or can people start now, for example?

  • Hi there!

    Yeah, our jam is pretty much inspired by the NaNoWriMo in fact. We'll announce a specific theme to follow only at the beginning of the contest; you can still start and prep yourself before the jam, and even reuse assets from other projects, but they'll have to match our theme ;)
  • Nice! Looking forward to it!
  • Well... I'm a writer (books, screenplay, 1 game (in progress)), but I'm new to Twine, if anyone wants to form a team, I'll be glad to join and help out.

  • @Sage

    I come from a writing background too (so might not be much help from a programming perspective) but if you are looking to co-write a project I'd be happy to help. I've got some ideas but I'd also be happy to contribute to someone else's work.
  • Yeah. I think it would be awesome.
    Let's go for it!

    I don't know if we can use your ideas per se, though, because the WAG person said that we have to use whatever their concept is.

    Well... They didn't EXACTLY say that, I guess. Maybe our ideas CAN get in there somewhere.


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    Haha, you can prep and start brainstorming, but don't go too far, that'd be my advice ^^ The mandatory theme should be open to many interpretations, but you cannot predict for sure what it'll be ;)

    If you have trouble finding teammates and devs, you can also use our forum! There's a "Team Up!" section there. I'll advertise about the contest on dev forums in the next few days, hopefully we'll have more devs in the game ;)
  • @Sage
    Sounds good! Nice to be working with you! I'll message you to talk details!

    Thanks for the forum link and advice!
  • Hi everyone!

    Just a friendly reminder that the WAG Challenge starts today!

    Our theme has been revealed: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE

    Good luck, Twinemakers!
  • Thanks for letting us know here in the forums!

    Hope you get a lot of cool submissions! :-)
  • I can't take part if I don't know what the prizes are. What if I can't use them? Let's say I win a stay at Disney. I would not be able to use it, since I can't be around all the cats they keep there.
  • @Rafe

    For the cats.

    Then you can still go to Disney.
  • @Sage
    I doubt they will auction all the cats just to get one more visitor. Cats have that effect on you. It is called toxoplasma.
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