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Twine 2.0 Timer Macro

I just started using Twine, and I'm wondering if there's a timer macro for Twine 2.0 that I could use?
Thanks in advance!


  • Hi @Boaz,

    Welcome to Twine.

    We need to know what format you are using whenever you ask a question and maybe also if you did a quick forum search first.

    I don't say that to be a jerk, because that's not how I mean it. There are timers that already do what you want, but since so many people have been using them differently you will probably find one that does what YOU need SPECIFICALLY.

    For example @timsamoff uses one for a real-time battle engine. I think it's awesome. Other people use them to change what passages are available to the player at a given time. @TheMadExile has helped out a forum member with that one already.

    So... in this case, specificity is your friend. Like what format you use. If you haven't changed anything at all, and you are using 2.0 (as your thread suggests) then you are using Harlowe because that one is the default.

    timsamoff did his for Harlowe, and
    TheMadExile did his for SugarCube.

    I hope that part helps.... but yes... a search will help you also.

  • thanks a lot!
    i did a quick search through the forums and found what I needed :)
  • @Boaz


    Also... just a tip: NEVER HESITATE TO ASK

    These guys are amazing and they literally seem to help everyone who asks!!
  • Thanks for the tip!
    Sure that it will help me a lot, especially as I already have another question! :)
    I found a sugarcube macro for what I need, but I don't know where the code to define it has to go...
    (Sorry if I'm asking silly questions, I'm only nine years old...)
  • hah

    If you are really 9 that is AWESOME!

    I would invest in any company that you eventually made! Good luck!

    Now to answer your question

    It depends on which part you grabbed. For example some might go in the javascript box (you can find that by looking in the lower left-hand corner of the editor).

    Other parts go into the passages themselves.
  • I know the answer doesn't help you too much but it's because you were not too clear in your question.

    My suggestion would be to start with a simple Harlowe story where you just type out your story and then put in branching pages as you go along.

    It will get you something built super fast.
  • If you DO go that route... I can help get you up to speed on how to build something like that. I can give you step-by-step guidance.

  • Thank you so much for your help!

    I can't really do the suggestion you gave on my first program partly because I already code Scratch and Python but also because I'm already 3/4 of the way through a Twine project (4/5 of the way once I have a timer). Thanks a lot for it anyway, I'll be sure to use it in the future.

    p.s. I'm glad you offered the step-by-step help, I might need it sometime.

    p.p.s. YES, I am really nine.
  • Boaz, I envy you. Being able to get into all this stuff at so young an age. By the time you're my age you'll be a grand master.
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