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How can we reset the twine without having its old credentials ?


I have a Twine which I wanna setup again.

The guy who set it up earlier is not working with us anymore. So we don't have its old credentials. So is there any way we can set it up with a new email id without having old login details ?

Thanks a lot.

Mridul Tiwari


  • You want to reset your forum account? Or are you looking to reset a twine install. I am not sure what it is you are asking.
  • Yeah, I think we're going to need more information. Twine doesn't have a username or password. It's just a program like any other.

    Perhaps you could give us a link? Maybe "the Twine" is an online HTML file.
  • Are you asking to login to a web server to host the file again? If so, you'll need to go via your web host.
  • I'm looking to reset the twine install because I don't have any information after that guy left.
    Its basically like I am gonna work on his place and now i need to use it but i don't have access and wanna reset it to factory settings.

  • Well... let me make it easier for you. They have just released a new version of Twine and when you install it, you will have already accomplished your goal.

    Does that help?

  • Twine 1 installs and uninstalls the same way any other program does. Twine 1 can be downloaded from the home page, You can do a Google search to learn about uninstalling programs using your operating system (e.g., Windows 7).
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