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A very simple question from a noob: How can I make my lines pop out one by one if I use Sugarcane

Hello guys! I am really new here! And I found this software is really cool! I am currently designing my first horror game using Twine 1.4.2 and have met a problem. That is, how to create pop out lines, as in, for example Higurashi: When They Cry (sorry guys, I cannot came up with any better examples :-( please forgive me!!) Also, how to create a speed change for those lines, for example, I would like some lines to appear quicker or slower. If you guys found Sugarcane is not the most suitable way to create such effect, are there any other ways to achieve it? It would be great if you guys could recommend me some. Thanks a lot for your guys' help!


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    You can look for the replace macro set which will give you the <<timedcontinue>> macro, which could do what you want.
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    On phone, but maybe she's asking about CSS transitions?

    I'd try to answer but like I say, I'm on my phone. :-)
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