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Please Help!!! Twine crashed and I lost my school project work!!!!!


I was working on a school project, and I had done a lot of work but I didn't save it at any point (my own fault). I was trying to write something and apparently pressing "ampersand space" makes the application crash?? Anyway I lost ALL of the work I have done on my project and I was wondering if there is a way to recover it? I was using version 1.4.2 because I just couldn't achieve what I was trying to do on the web app - I have downloaded it on my computer (a Mac). I went into my history because I have been testing the game as I go and I opened up the page where I last saw the game. It is showing me one page of the game, and I can navigate forwards, but I can't navigate back to the beginning.

I feel really stupid but I really need help ASAP - it's due in a few days :( :(


  • Since you can view it in your history, you can probably save the game's HTML file, then import it.

    In Chrome, click the menu button in the upper right, then click "save as." In Firefox, click the menu button in the upper right, then click "Save Page." In IE, click the menu button in the upper right, then "File," then "Save as."

    With the HTML file saved, in Twine, click "File" then mouse down to "Import" then click on "Compiled HTML file." Select your HTML file and it should import everything just fine.

    Let us know if that worked or if you need more help or anything.

    Good luck! Hope that works!
  • Thank you Sharpe! I tried that a while ago and it said it wasnt a compiled HTML file :( It wouldn't let me import.
  • Really? Hmm. Dunno, man. That sucks. :-(
  • Yeah just trying to re-do it...and I've learned my lesson about saving everything I guess
  • Could you attach the file you created using @Sharpe's suggestion to a post, we may be able to extract information from it depending on what it actually contains.
  • Here it is. Thank you.
  • OK, I see what's wrong. Open the HTML file in a text editor. Find the line that begins
    <div id="storeArea" data-size="33" hidden="">
    then change
    to just
    . Then save the file and try again to import it into Twine.
  • It worked!!! I saved the source code in an html file and imported it. Thank you all SO MUCH!!!
  • Bravo, Leon!
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