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Is there anything like the combined macro set for sugarcube?

I just like having the extra options to use, and can't seem to find any similar codes for Sugarcube. I've downloaded and tried to use these here, but after puzzling around it some more, found that nope, this is for Sugarcane only, and most of the macros just get errors.

Just wondering if there were any other scripts I could use for Sugarcube - thanks!


  • edited June 2015
    Yes from the SugarCube home page:

    Scroll down to the Downloads (macros) section.
  • Lovely. That was the one place I didn't look!

    One more question. I've downloaded the files, and it already includes the javascript minified. How do I add it to my Twine?

    I was able to add the earlier version by simply copy-pasting the js code. Now that i've downloaded this one, I don't even know how to open it to look at it.
  • You do the same as you did to the earlier version except this time you need to open the downloaded JS file in a text editor like Notepad and then cut-n-paste the file contents into your story.
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