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How to add a second option?

Hello! I'm new on here, so I don't really understand the programming of this. I've done this ( and yes it is copied off something else, I am just testing) :

" After what seems like a lifetime of stumbling through blind through the darkness of an old, tall forest, you emerge into a sudden clearing. In the light, after so long, you feel blinded, but soon your eyes manage to make out colours. Green, brown, blue, and soon those colours turns into forms- Trees.Trees tall as walls in a perfect circle around you.

One of the trees, somewhat smaller than the rest, seems to tree "

And it comes up with one link called 'tree' how do I create another link from the same box?


  • One of the trees, somewhat smaller than the rest, seems to tree.

    You also notice a flashing light in the distance. Or you could go home.

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    you follow the same format of the tree link which is like this:
    [[text of link|Passage Name]]

    so you could add another option by adding another line that says:
    Behind it is another [[weird looking tree|Another Tree]].

    I hope that makes sense.
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    Also, be careful with whitespace. You really shouldn't have extraneous whitespace within the markup.

    In other words, this: (a space before tree)
    [[beckon to you| tree]]
    Would be better as: (no space before tree)
    [[beckon to you|tree]]

    Not all combinations of Twine and story formats treat those two the same way.
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