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Twine compile


I don't really know if i'm at the right place to talk about that.

I have installed npm gulp and required modules and try to compile Twine to have the latest local version.

when i run gulp, i have 2 errors.
line 348 unknow tag: internal
line 416 unknow tag: internal

then when i run gulp release, web and web-cdn seems to be good but when i click skip in the welcome page i get a blank page.

Also, nw not created, message say could not find a package.json in your src folder.

i try to do it under windows, maybe it's work's better with linux.


  • Those errors are generated by the source documentation system, yuidoc-- I need to correct those.

    With the blank page, are you getting an error message in the browser JavaScript console?

    The release:nw task should be running copy:package first, to copy package.json to the correct place. Can you confirm whether that's running first?
  • Thank you for your answer.

    As regards blank page:

    url is: twinejs/dist/web/index.html#stories

    console: SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical twine.js:113:87

    same error with web-cdn.

    About nw release, see the log as attachment.

    ps: Bravo pour ce super logiciel.

  • Before we troubleshoot any further, can you confirm you're on the release branch? I use the default branch for development, and while I obviously try not to commit any breaking changes, it's not a 100% guarantee.
  • Sorry I haven't checked that.
    I began again with this command this time.
    hg clone -b release myfolder
    to be sure.

    And that solve the blank page. but i have the same error with nw.

    Thank you
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