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Twine 2.0.7


There are not many changes to the editor per se here, but there are some biggies in this release.

Harlowe is now at 1.1. The changelog is Serious Business-- I'll let Leon talk details, but I know one big change is that there is now save game functionality.

Snowman is also at 1.1. I really liked the way hooks work in Harlowe, so I stole them for Snowman. You can now add <span> and <div> elements to your code very simply, and there's now a $ function that runs when your passage appears on the page, similar to how you can write $(function() { ... }) with jQuery to run a function when the page finishes loading. I've posted a simple example so you can see how what I'm talking about.

A Spanish translation is included, and we now have the groundwork to incorporate more localizations. Contributing a localization does not require understanding JavaScript, or really any kind of coding! Please visit the repository for more information.


  • I love you. All implications included.
  • ^hahah
  • When submitting bug reports, it's always best to also state what all browsers and browser versions (e.g., Chrome v. 43.0.2357.130) you've used to test the issue. Noting your operating system (e.g., "Windows 7 x64") doesn't hurt either, nor does providing if your version of Twine is online or offline.

    Note to those with the markup issue: A find/replace-all might fix your issues.

    Save your twine by publishing it to file first.

    Then, on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, toward the right, there is a "Quick Find" field. Click the square icon in it.

    And replace:

    Of course, if you use that code legitimately in your twine, it will also be replaced, so be warned.

    No guarantees, but it worked once and for all for me. However, for some (not all of whom have reported their OS, browser, and browser version), this appears to be an issue reoccurring each time the twine is opened or closed—but this may have nothing to do with Harlowe.
  • Please see here for an update on a problem affecting < > characters, among others, in 2.0.7.
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