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I am sure this will annoy you... but hear me out

edited July 2015 in Chit-Chat
If the forum could somehow be made to have a MANDATORY box to check when first asking a question that says "What format are you using?" then 3 things would happen:

1. We would always know what syntax to use to answer a question for a person. This saves us time.
2. We would save even more time in asking our own questions (because it's just a check-box).
3. People could then search only within the format that matches their needs rather than code that does the job but for some other format.

and... 4... I would be happier and ACTUALLY FIND WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR!

Or is that 5 things?


  • I was thinking different subforums, myself :)
  • Subforums, little-bitty checkboxes, whatever! As long as we get it done!

    I CANNOT tell you how many times I have needed something SugarCube and wondered where my magical land of ALL SUGARCUBE, ALL THE TIME was.

    I want to go to there.
  • And I want to stay away from there! :D Yes, I think this would be an A+ feature.
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