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Example: Using user text input for outcomes

edited July 2015 in Chit-Chat
Made with Twine 2 & SugarCube
SugarCube (v2.0.0-beta.4)

Someone asked for something like this a few days ago and couldn't find the post again. I did something like it today, so here you go.
This is like the game Clue or the video game Heavy Rain (If you have a PS3 and didnt play it, you need to. It is interactive fiction as well)
where you can name the Killer and the location of the murder / victim: In this case the PC can figure out who the is Killer and not where the victim is or vice versa. So, there are 4 outcomes

Killer gets away, victim dies
Killer gets away, victim saved
Killer caught, victim dies
Killer caught, victim saved
::Story Ini

<<set $Killer to "">>
<<set $Hideout to "">>

::In 'I know who did it' Passage:

(Save Your Game First)(No spaces after)
Who is the killer?
Name:<<textbox "$Killer" $Killer>>
Location:<<textbox "$Hideout" $Hideout>>

[[Go to Police]]

::In 'Go to Police' Passage
[[I know who did it]] (So you can back out during testing)

<<if $Killer is "Lenny">>[[Lenny is the killer!]]<<endif>>
<<if $Hideout is "Cave">>[[Save Princess]]<<endif>>
<<if $Killer is not "Lenny">>[[Go to Police|Killer gets away!]]<<endif>>
<<if $Hideout is not "Cave">>[[Save Princess|Princess dies]]<<endif>>

I have links between the 4 passages too, but you get the point.
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