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The game I'm working on

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Here's some screenshots and a video of the game I'm working on. It's a turn-based strategy game.


War Room mission briefings.




Tech Tree.


Mission cutscene.


  • Hey! Created with Twine? That's amazing! The illustrations look great and the narrators are fantastic, it's got an audiobook vibe to it! I'd appreciate the text to be a bit bigger than what it looks like on the screenshots anyway :)

    What platform are you going to release it for?
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    It'll be for all desktop platforms, no mobile. But the text is a bit bigger in game. :)
  • Well, it looks like you're developing a great work of fiction.

    I'm curious though, why not mobiles?
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    Mostly because it needs the screen space of a desktop. That could be overcome perhaps.

    Though with all the sounds and graphics the download size is pretty huge, as well. If you can't actually hear the voices, it makes absolutely no sense, so you wouldn't want to play it with sound off.

  • Then you better publish that game soon, desktops are going extinct!

    Joking aside, I see your point and it's incredible what you are being able to create with Twine.
  • Looks awesome :) do you make your images or work with someone?
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    I work with people. There are 4 different artists working on the game. One for sprites, another for backgrounds, another for inline art and another for cutscenes.

    But I also do some of the images, like the static at day start and the animated vignettes between scenes.
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    I've not really updated this thread much. Here is some new stuff.

    More voice acting:


  • Which Story format are you using? It looks astonishing. It is only HTML+CSS and JS in Twine?
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    This is with SugarCube 1 and Twine 1.4.2.

    And yes, just HTML + CSS and JS in Twine. I do use Greensock Animation for some text effects though.
  • Posted a new video showing some parallax image effects I do for cutscenes that I worked on this weekend.

  • Awesome!

    Great voice acting, too. Where did you find the talent?
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    6 months worth of looking around at different websites. :p

    Finding great actors that won't break the bank is a case of really looking hard.
  • Here is how the game is coming along:

  • Ah. I was wondering how that was progressing. I'll look forward to the demo then. :)
  • Thanks! Yeah demo launches April 30.
  • Hi @Claretta !
    I am following your dev blog updates and I am looking forward to playing a demo of your game. Do you have a new ETA for when it will be ready?

    (Sorry for necroing a thread, I just wanted to show support and interest)
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    Oh hey, thanks. :)

    Probably in about 2 weeks. It all works now, just going through and adding polish. I would have felt uncomfortable with releasing a demo I had not polished sufficiently.

    For those not following my blog, here are the latest shots. As you can see, the graphical quality has been improved and I've added in UI customisation.









  • Hey, Claretta. Would you mind posting a link to your blog? I think what you're achieving with twine is awesome and I really hope it inspires more people to use the platform.
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    Some recent screenshots. Still in SugarCube 1. Demo got massively delayed for me to get it up to commercial level quality.





  • Nice artwork upgrade—not that the old artwork was bad, mind. I also like the fact that you dialed back the darkness at the edges of the screen—the previous version always made me think the PC was about to pass out or something.
  • edited March 2017
    Yeah one of those "what was I thinking?" moments. :)

    I still use the old artwork, I still like the style of it, and the screen edge UI massively helps make it more interesting. But there's a lot more specific art in the game where it zooms into specific things for higher detail. So with these two screens, when you view a report it zooms into the book shown above, and when you view a unit it shows the individual unit as with the raider squad above. Just introduces a lot more depth and fidelity.

    A tiny thing that also helped massively was texturing the buttons.

    The numbers around the edges are the Firepower, Tactical, Occult, War Readiness and Dreaming Prison Unlock State (Ariel). They're done with your RHS Box code.



  • Ah. I missed the button textures. Probably more noticeable under normal conditions. Kind of a dotted effect now, eh?

    Also. It could simply be me, however, I think the translucency level on the dialogs might be a bit much now, with the brighter overall screens. Seems a bit much to me in the screenshots, anyway. It might also be perfectly fine under normal conditions.

    Regardless. This looks to be shaping up nicely. Kudos.
  • edited March 2017
    Thanks. :) In normal conditions you're not actually meant to read the italic text. That's all voice acted. The italic work to purposefully tone it down a bit to get out of the way of the decision making elements.

    I appreciate getting feedback though, it's something to keep an eye on and something I've gone back and forth on several times myself. I'm trying to keep the best balance between ease of reading and enough transparency to create a nice layered effect.
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    What I think would help is if I could make the buttons more solid than the passages. But from what I've looked around, that seems like not a too-straightforward task since they inherit the passage opacity and need to be wrapped in their own div or somesuch to not be a child element.
  • edited March 2017
    So are those character portraits part of the background, or do they occupy a separate layer?

    Because if it's the latter, I've been trying to figure out how to do that all visual novel stype without potentially causing massive issues with a) Mobile devices and b) occupying the same space as the Text box.
  • edited March 2017
    Do you mean the corner edge portraits? Those are a separate layer with the blank space in the middle set to transparent and mouse-events set to false to allow clicks through it.

    The main avatars are parts of the background to make things simpler. If I were to make them indiviual layers though I can put them on their own image file that's the same size of the background but with transparent space filling in the rest, and set it to cover just like the background is. Then it stays in sync no matter what.

    You can convert pngs to wepm files to reduce the file size of transparency.
  • Ooooh, you can set mouse events to false to go through items? Nice. Did not know that. Also know nothing about WepMs, but looking it up.

    But you decided not to have them as individual layers? Doesn't that mean an NPC needs to occupy a specific location to be shown, or you have to have a bunch of background images with or without those NPCs to accomodate for if they're on screen or not?

    Looks badass, btw. :)
  • edited March 2017
    Yes I have a bunch of background images with or without npcs. The way the game is setup, this isn't a big deal, as npcs have their own rooms apart from a couple of exceptions.

    It also makes image processing easier. After I receive them from the artists I process images to give each art a coherent lighting scheme so it helps to be able to process it all as a coherent image. Eg in the Kelly art above the light rays that come in from the right also go across her body. That would be much more complex to do if it weren't just the one image.
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