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Problem with screen readers: links don't appear as links

I am a new member to this forum. Recently, I played a game created with Twine, and I noticed a problem. The choices the player should take are not appearing as links to the screen reader, but as text with the colour changed. This makes navigation more difficult, and for those users who have the announcement of colours disabled in their screen reader, even impossible. To solve this, you can use the <a> element (regular link) or an ARIA role of "link". Note hat the second approach won't work with old browsers or screen readers, and that it requires adding keyboard navigation (adding a tabinhdex attribute, and letting it be activated with enter or space).


  • It depends on which story format the story was created in, some try to be accessible, most don't.

    The following is all "as far as I know" and/or "if I recall correctly", so take it with a grain of salt. At the moment, only SugarCube 2 (full disclosure, I'm the developer) has put any real effort into ensuring broad accessibility (and it's likely not perfect, so I'm always open to feedback). Additionally, I believe that Leon's mentioned that at least some accessibility is on his radar for Harlowe (IIRC, I don't want to put words in his mouth).
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