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Javascript Error Help

I've added quite a large chunk of javascript all at once to my project, and Twine is just throwing a "'Script_Name' is undefined" error. I understand that it's not the smartest way to do it (adding a whole lot all at once), but a lot of its interconnected and trying it little by little won't be easy. Is there a way to get more information out of that error (what line does it get to before Twine says ignore this whole script file)?

Just figured I'd ask before I roll it back and do some major reorganizing (which, will be painful, but probably for the best).

Using Sugarcane 1.4.2.


  • We'll need more information than that. Can you post the script here?
  • Decided to go and do some reorganizing instead. I have a new issue now, but I think it would be better served in it's own thread. Sorry about the late reply btw!
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