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get rid of fade in/out on text?

Working on a digital poem and wondering how to alter text via hyperlink without the rest of the text fading out/in. So just the word or line appears to change without the rest of the stanza going anywhere. I've seen it done in some interactive fiction I've read, so I know that it is possible, just have no idea how to manage it. Help?


  • edited August 2015
    This is generally done by the replace macro set. If using SugarCube, you get it from the SugarCube website. If using another storyformat, you get it by googling Leon's Replace Macro Set.

    Another way of doing it is via the GSAP text plugin. I use both in my story as they both do slightly different effects. I find the way GSAP exists independently and bypasses any other story code to be useful in getting unique effects that don't affect anything else.
  • OK. That is probably super helpful. Thanks! I'm gonna go look up what all those terms mean now. I'm really not good at this. Yet. I'll catch up eventually. Maybe. In the meantime, thanks for answering. I genuinely appreciate it. It's nice to know that people are there for the newbies lost at sea!
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