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I should probably formerly introduce myself.

Hello there!

My name's Ethan, and just like you (I assume) I want to tell stories. Unlike you probably, I'm only really interested in using twine to spin tales of random events that overall have no consequence.
I realize that twine is an amazingly powerful tool that can be used to tell deep and emotional stories, but I haven't seen a ton of comedy come out of twine, and if that's true, I hope to change that.

Also I make music :

So that's me.


  • Hey, Ethan!

    I'm all for random. But I'm of the opinion that when telling stories, there should always be consequence. Otherwise, there is no conflict, no emotional weight, no sympathy for the characters and therefore once the game is over, the gamer will feel cheated.

    I'm not trying to discourage you from making comedy. I feel there isn't a lot out there in Twine stories that I've seen. I'm totally for it and I hope you make some great stuff.

    But I would also encourage you to somehow make the randomness have consequence in the end.


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