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Why won't my text work?

When I try to use the (passage:) function the text refuses to display. It doesn't show an error at all.


  • You're going to need to give more details than that. What exactly are you doing (example code, preferably)?
  • Like TheMadExile said, an example of what your trying to do would help.

    The Harlowe overview states that the (passage:) macro can be used to access meta information (like name, tags, and source) about a passage. The following example show how output the meta information of the current passage being display as well as of a second passage named Other Passage

    note: I assign the datamap returned by the (passage:) macro to a local variable because I want to access multiple properties of the datamap, you don't have to do this.
    (set: $info to (passage:))
    This is the (print: $info's name) passage, it has the following tags '(print: $info's tags)'.
    (set: $info to (passage: "Other Passage"))
    This story contains another passage, it's name is '(print: $info's name)' and it has the following tags '(print: $info's tags)'.

    If you want to display the contents of one passage inside another you should be using the (display:) macro like so:
    This is the current passage it includes the contents of a different passage.
    (display: "Other Passage")
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