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How do I navigate through Twine?

Hello, I am a game art student with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and I wish to improve my skills, in art, designing, and storyboarding. I am new here and am wondering how do I navigate/how do I get started? Also, what Am I allowed to do/not do? I understand that i can upload story ideas but the real gaming industry wants much more proven than that. So what can i do?


  • I would start by reading the Twine 2 section of the wiki, the green link in that section leads to the Guide which will teach you about the appplication itself.

    Once you have a basic understanding of the application the next thing you should do is briefly read the documentation of each of the built-in story formats, this will help you determine which one suits you better.

    note: the following are listed in the order they appear in the story format list, I am not advocating one format over another.

    Harlowe's documentation and project overview.

    Snowman 2 project overview.

    SugarCube 1's documention.

    note: There is also a SugarCube 2, which you would need to install yourself and it's documentation is found here.
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