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how can i display the result of an "if" variable?

I'm completely new to Twine, and making games in general and I've encountered my first problem. i'm trying the different functions to get used to Twine and right now i'm experimenting with the "if" variables.

Tipping something like "(if: (either: "yes","no") is "yes")[text result]" the result of "(either:"yes","no")" doesn't appear on the screen when playing/testing the game, only the text result between the square ([ ]) brackets appears. as seen in these pictures
<img src=""; />
<img src=""; />

I want to know how i can have that result, namely the '"yes","no"', displayed when playing/testing the game.

I'm using Harlowe.


  • If you assign the result of the (either: "yes","no") part of your expression to a $variable then you can display the value later, so something like the following:
    (set: $result to (either: "yes","no"))
    result is: $result
    (if: $result is "yes")[This text only appears if the result was yes]
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