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IF Comp 2015 / review swapping

IF Comp 2015 is currently in progress at It's one of the biggest and best years the comp has ever seen. There's a big range of content, including lots of Twine and other choice-based IF, short and long stories, stories with lots of branching and stories with very little, etc.

I'd love to see more crossover and more communication between groups of IF writers and players, so I'm looking to do a few review-swaps. The deal is you select and review an IF Comp game that looks interesting to you (and either you can post the review somewhere of your own choosing, or I can host it if you prefer) and in exchange I review or provide private feedback on something you pick.

If that's something that interests you, drop me a line at (If I get wildly more offers than I have time for then I'll, I dunno, pick names out of a hat or something, but so far that has not been a problem.)
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