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Timed Text

I've been struggling with getting text to appear at a set delay after arriving at a page, because I'd like an entire song to play before the player can move on. I'm using Sugarcane in Twine 1.4.2


  • note: If you plan to allow people to download and read your story locally on their machine then I suggest you think about changing from Sugarcane to the SugarCube story format.
    The reason for my suggestion is due to a recent restriction added to Chromium any person using an up to date version of either Chrome and Opera will receive an error message every time they read your story. As an added advantage SugarCube includes built-in audio related macros.

    There is a script on Glorious Trainwrecks which can be used to add a number of new macros to the Sugarcane story format, one of these new macros is <<timedinsert>> which I believe can be used to do what you want.

    warning: I have not tested the following because I am not currently on a machine with Twine 1 installed.
    <<timedinsert 10s>> <<becomes>>The text to display after ten seconds<<endtimedinsert>>
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