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connecting relationships

when I opened my project, one of my links btw 2 slides was disconnected. I've tried to reconnect using double brackets but it's creating a link to a new slide. How do I re-establish the connection.

Also how to I export this to my desktop. So far, publishing to my desktop has only published one slide.


  • When you say 'slide' do you mean a Passage on the Passage Map or is this 'slide' and external file of some sort?

    If you do mean Passage then for a markup link to find the related target passage title the passage title in the markup link must be exactly the same spelling as the title of the Passage you want to link to.

    eg. The following markup links will only work (and show a connection) to a passage titled Go To Shops, it will not work if any letter case changes Go to Shops.
    [[Go To Shops]]
    [[Some Link Text|Go To Shops]]
    ... it will also not work if you add extra space characters to Passage title or the markup link. So the following would not find a Passage titled Go to Shops because of the extra space characters.
    [[ Go To Shops ]]
    [[Some Link Text| Go To Shops ]]

    To re-establish the connection first check the Passage's title to make sure there are no extra space characters at the start or end of the title, then check the markup link to make sure the spelling and letter case of the links target passage title is correct

    Twine 1 does not automatically re-create your story HTML file each time you make changes. So you need to do one of the following:
    a. Use the Build > Build Story menu options.
    b. Use the Build > Rebuild Story menu options if you have already done point a at least once.
    c. Use the Build > Rebuild and View menu options if you have already done point a at least once.
    d. Use the Build > Auto Build menu options if you have already done point a at least once.

    warning: The Auto Build option does not care if you have made a mistake in your passage content or not, so it can build story HTML files that do not work correctly. So be careful if you decide to use it.
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