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Genre Critique - Who plays Twine Games?

Hi Twine developers.
I recently made my first twine game. I liked how it turned out and want to make more. I have been interested in writing and it was good seeing my plot turn into a interactive text game. I am considering making more Twine games to post on a blog I run but I have some questions. I totally missed the text based game era around the 1995 years and now I mostly play first person shooters and RPG's. One of my goals is to have people play my game. So my question is two pronged?

Who Plays Twine Games and are there any sites that they frequent to play them or find out about new games?

This can be answered with demographics, genre's, website links or just your own take on it.
I am asking because I like reading too, but I feel like people who read books don't play video games and visa-versa.


  • Do you only want information about stories/games written using Twine or are you interested in Interactive Fiction (Text based Adventures) in general, because Twine is only one of the many tools you can use to create these types of stories/games.
  • Both would be nice. I know about what I'm looking for is social media outlets for these types of games. What people have learned about releasing the games? Are they popular or more just for the developers amusement? Would it be a good platform to release something that comes out in chapters like "Wolf Among Us" or "Walking Dead" games. Other tools would be good too, I would like to invest some time choosing the right tools before creating something else.
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