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How To Increase Space

Hello! First time posting on the Twine forums, so if I do anything wrong, I'm very sorry. But onto my question.

I was curious what would happen if I ran out of room to work with in Twine? Like, what happens if you create so many passages, that you just run right out of space? Is there a script or addon I will need?

Thanks in advance! ;)


  • If you are using the on-line or local web-app version of Twine 2 then the size of a project is limited by the maximum Local Storage size set by your web-browser, this maximum can be different for each brand of web-browser but it is around 5-10MB depending on the type of data being stored. Most brands of web-browser (if not all) have a method for increasing the default maximum size, although you will need to read the web-browser's own documentation to determine how.

    If you are using one of the installable versions of Twine 2 then it is meant to be unlimited, which means it depends on your machine's memory and harddisk limitations.
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