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Twine 2 Not Showing Anything It Used To (I DON GOOFED UP!)

edited November 2015 in Help! with 2.0
Twine 2 used to color things like
(Set: $Pleasehelpme To 1)
But now whenever I do it its all plain text
Also whenever a story is blank it just explains how to link two passages
It used to have things like
and explaining how to make things bold
But recently I had a problem where I could not Create Story's
Fixed with a reinstall.
But I have this problem
I had installed the format sugercube,js (I think it was .js)
Would that have anything to do with it?
Please help I want my old twine back
(I looked and I had the same version of twine (2.0.8) both times)


  • Have you checked that your Story Format is Harlowe? Harlowe colors macros, variables and so on, but if you change your Story Format to sugarcube that stops and changes the empty passage text as well.
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