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Harlowe 1.2 beta

So I haven't been able or willing to work on Harlowe for about a month and a half because of, to put it short, mental health inconveniences, but I believe I'm back in shape for now and hoping to bring out a small update, Harlowe 1.2, to make up for the delay.

Here's a build included with the web standalone of Twine 2.0.9pre3: Harlowe 1.2 beta 1

The changes are listed on here, as well as in the screenshot below. Do tell me if any of these need to be rolled back to ensure there aren't too many compatibility headaches. Also, tell me if you need clarification on any of these explanations.



  • Glad to see you, L!

    Don't have time in my life for Twine right now or I would test some.

    Good luck!
  • Thank you so much, and welcome back. :)
    I will be away for a few days, but I'll test this as soon as I can, and send some feedback.

    I am a big fan of (link-repeat:) already.
  • Thank you for your fine Harlowe work! I'm very excited about Harlowe since I discovered the live:-hook and I begin to explore the possibilities. I'm using twee2 for converting, so I do have a look on your fresh released version with (hopefully) next update of twee2.

    All the best for you!
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