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which Twine version to choose?

Which Twine version to choose: twine 2.0.8. or twine1.4.2.?
My aim is to teach kids to build a simple structure with it: simple, short story, on some links we would like to show images: pictures, and audio link, and at the end to save and show our work.
The way how to add such images, and how to save is different at Twine versions? As a beginner, it is not clear for me yet.


  • Twine is made up of two things:

    1. The application used to edit passage content.
    It is simpler to think of Twine 1 and 2 as two different applications just built using different programming languages, both applications allow the building of Twine based stories/games. Twine 1 is the more mature product and has some features not found in Twine 2, but Twine 2 can be run on tablets and in a web-browser.

    2. The story formats.
    A story format defines the default look of a story (HTML and CSS), it defines the macro language syntax and the default set of macros available to the Author, it defines the core features of the story engine and if/how those features can be extended by the Author.
    Choosing which story format to use is one of the most important decisions the Author makes.
    show images: pictures, and audio link, and at the end to save
    The SugarCube (1 and 2) story format has built-in macros/markup for showing images, playing audio, and saving the Reader's progress to both the web-browser local storage as well as to file.
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