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Object and Property Issue...

I'm using SugarCube 1.0.26. I'm making an IF with RP elements, and I'm having some issues using, printing, and changing properties. Here's my initial "character sheet":

<<set $player= {
name: "you",
age: "young",
height: "average",
build: "average",
hair: "brown",
eyes: "brown",
health: 4,
hygiene: 3,
hunger: 3,

I can't print (as in, if I added $ to the text, it just says "$" instead of "you", or "$" instead of "4"), change, or use conditionals based on those properties. Which at first made me wonder if I was defining them properly, or if the conditional I was using initially was for some reason registering false. Then things get interesting, since I also have this bit of code I added separately:

<<set $player= {
willpower: 50 - $ - $player.hygiene - $player.hunger,

I have it separately since it's a derived stat. This one is working just fine -- I can print, change, and base conditionals on it just fine. If I add $player.willpower to the text, it returns what it should: "40". So, first bit of code must be adding the properties properly. Does anyone have any idea on this one?

Just for added information, the conditional with which I'm having trouble is:

Your head hurts, the world is still spinning around you, and <<nobr>>
<<if $ is 4>>
you are certain you will have a large lump on your head.
<<elseif $ is 3>>
you are sure you have several bruises on your body.
<<elseif $ is 2>>
you are sure you have deep bruises on your body.
<<elseif $ is 1>>
you are one giant bruise from head to toe.

Which, no matter what, just says "Your head hurts, the world is still spinning around you, and ".


  • Whoop, never mind, figured it out on my own right after posting this.

    So...are there any ways to add properties to an object after it's already made?
  • You may simply assign to the property. For example:
    <<set $player.willpower to 50 - $ - $player.hygiene - $player.hunger>>
  • ...some things are just so simple they fly under my head. Jeez.

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