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[SugarCube 2.x] Add format hangs?

I'm attempting to load the lastest verison of SugarCube 2.x into the latest offline version of Twine 2, and after giving Twine the path
it simply hangs and 'spins' forever. If I click the 'X' and refresh my list of formats I can see SugarCube 2.x on the list, with a broken image for its logo. I can create new stories with this format, but I'm worried that it's corrupt somehow...

Is anybody else experiencing this? Should I be doing something differently?


  • Yeah, it's a known problem.

    Just just need to give it a few seconds to complete, and then close things down. The files will be integrated next. The "in progress" message just hangs, as you say.
  • Killer, thx much~
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