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[sugarcube 2] displaying the new passage at a particular ID?

I've tried to look for how to do this, but didn't see any ready-made solutions.

Right now, I have this:
<<click [[expand|Config]]>>blahblah<</click>>

And this refreshes the passage how I want. But takes it to the top of the passage. I have a few of these, and I'd really like it if I could get it to scroll down to an ID span.

I tried to do something like this:
<<click [[expand|Config#general]]>>blahblah<</click>>

But it doesn't understand that. Is there a way? I know this is pretty easy to do in html, so instead of using the macros, would it work if I just had a raw link to the ID span? I'm not sure how I'd do this though. I really have no idea what the internal links are even called.
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