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Set a variable from a series of choices

At the beginning of my story, I need the user to select a goal variable that will change the text based on the variable. I've got this:

(set: $goal to "control") To control->2
(set: $goal to "learn") To learn->2
(set: $goal to "connect") To connect->2
(set: $goal to "escape") To escape->2

Of course, this makes it so that "escape" is always the variable, because it's the last $goal that's set. What I can't figure out is basically a "when clicked, set $goal to x"

I'm sure it's something I'm not reading properly. I'm don't think well in ANY kind of code. Could anyone help me here?


  • You want a combination of the (link:) & (goto:) macros:
    (link: "To control")[(set: $goal to "control")(goto: "2")]
    (link: "To learn")[(set: $goal to "learn")(goto: "2")]
    (link: "To connect")[(set: $goal to "connect")(goto: "2")]
    (link: "To escape")[(set: $goal to "escape")(goto: "2")]
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