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Sugarcane: data-passage attribute simply doesn't work

I was trying to do something a bit complex with data-passage and data-setter attributes - but I boiled it down to something simpler.

I created a file with a Start passage and a Test passage. My start passage contains the following:

<a data-passage="Test">Click</a>


Clicking on the link doesn't seem to do anything - Is this an issue with Twine 1.4.2? A number of other threads showed code like this without mentioning any issues like this.

I've attached the test file, if it's helpful.


  • Your question starts with Sugarcane but you have tagged the question as SugarCube and the example you give is also SugarCube so I am going to assume you do mean SugarCube.

    Remove the html element start and end tags in your passage, they are not needed in SugarCube and the example will work:
    <a data-passage="Test">Click</a>
  • Thank you!
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