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How do I open .html files in Twine 1 and .tws files in Twine 2?

Hi everybody,

I'm working with Twine with my students in arts class. Some of them have older systems than others.
So there are .html files created in Twine 2.0.10 and .tws Files created in Twine 1.4.2.
Is it possible to somehow convert them into their counterpart?

For example to be able to open the .tws file in Twine 2.0.10 and the .html file in Twine 1.4.2?

Thank you in advance for helping me out!


  • warning:
    I believe the following will only work for stories created using a story format that is supported in both Twine 1.x and 2.x, which basically means SugarCube 1 or 2.

    1. Steps to converting a Twine 1.x story into a Twine 2.x story:

    a. Download TheMadExile's Twine 1 compiled HTML to Twine 2 archive converter [ZIP archive] utility from the SugarCube website

    b. Open the TWS file in the Twine 1.x application and build a story HTML file.

    c. Use the utility on the Twine 1 story HTML file to create a Twine 2 story HTML file.

    d. Use the Import From File option in the Twine 2.x application to import the Twine 2 story HTML file.

    2. Converting a Twine 2.x story HTML file into a Twine 1.x TWS file:

    I have not tried this myself but it may be possible to use Twee2's decompiler to create a twee file from a Twine 2 story HTML file and then use the Twine 1.x application's File > Import > Twee Source Code option to import the twee file into a new project TWS file.
  • Snowman also exists for both versions of Twine, so that's an option in my converter as well as SugarCube. That said, the story format setting in the converter only sets the default format, so it may be changed once the archive created by the converter is imported into Twine 2 (though you'll still need to use a compatible story format, unless you're only interested in the writing side of things).

    Additionally, a warning. While some of the differences between Twine 1 and 2 only affect the IDEs themselves, some of the differences are reflected within the story formats. The chief of these differences being:
    1. Story Title: In Twine 1 you set a story's title via the StoryTitle special passage. In Twine 2 you do so by setting the story's name at creation (though it may be renamed later).
    2. Scripts: In Twine 1 you add JavaScript via script tagged passages. In Twine 2 you do so via the story menu item Edit Story JavaScript.
    3. Styles: In Twine 1 you add CSS via stylesheet tagged passages. In Twine 2 you do so via the story menu item Edit Story Stylesheet.
  • Thank you, that worked just fine. :)
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