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Using image in place of title


I've discovered a workaround for using an image in place of the story title, but it's not ideal. For now, I've simply hosted the image then inserted the standard 'img src=...' tag into the title field.

This works, but means I have a long img src tag as the title, which looks odd on the save file and in the editor itself.

I discovered the CSS for the title is #story-title, but when I inserted the image url into the CSS it resulted in both my image AND the default title showing.


  • Your story's name should be the plain text title of your story and only that. Under no circumstances should you insert any markup into it (seriously, just don't).

    If you want to show an image in that location you have multiple options. The easiest is likely to place your markup within the StoryBanner special passage. For example, create a new passage and name it StoryBanner, then put your <img> markup inside.

    The story's name will still show up as the title, so if you don't want to see that, you may hide the #story-title element with a little CSS. For example: (story menu > Edit Story Stylesheet)
    #story-title {
    	display: none;
  • Ah! Thanks very much, TME. I'll go an do that now.
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