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StoryMenu not working in SugarCube 2.x

Perhaps this problem has been addressed elsewhere, but I cannot find it. I am trying to use SugarCube 2.0 in Twine 2, and I had a story in the works using SugarCube 1.x. I installed SugarCube 2.0 and tried to address the changes in the Upgrade Instructions to switch my story to SugarCube 2, but I cannot seem to populate the story menu at all. I have a passage titled StoryMenu, but no matter what I put into it, nothing shows up on the sidebar.

(I modified the appearance of the sidebar using CSS in my 1.x version of the story, and I had to adjust that CSS a little to get things to look right in SugarCube 2, but I cannot see anything that I did that would disable the StoryMenu function. Also, just to be clear, I am a total novice and coding--just now learning basic CSS and html.)

Appreciate any help.


  • A simple test would be to create a new story, change the story format to SugarCube 2, add a new passage named StoryMenu and then add the following to the new passage:
    ... the above will add a new side-bar menu item named Inventory which you should see if you Test the new story.

    Try doing the same thing to your existing story, if it does not appear then something in your custom CSS may be hiding it and you may want to post a copy of your custom CSS here so it can be debugged.
  • What are you trying to put into the StoryMenu special passage? Only links of various sorts are processed into the story menu, anything else will be ignored. If you're trying to put stat displays and whatnot into it, that's not going to work. Anything other than actual actionable menu items need to go into the StoryCaption special passage.
  • Ah, I see--links only. That was not the case in Sugarcube 1.x. I moved my content to StoryCaption and left the links in StoryMenu: it seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!
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