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a way to change default save location?

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Greetings! I'm starting up an after school program on interactive fiction in my school (5th and 6th grade). We start with some exploration of classic games, then eventually move on to creating our own games using Twine.

The problem is that I cannot always guarantee that my students will be in the same room, using the same workstations. Also, machines get wiped on occasion to keep them clean. I'm trying to work out the best method for my students to keep their work backed up from week to week. I thought perhaps assigning each student a memory stick could be a good way to go.

The Mac version of Twine seems to run fine from a USB drive. However, it defaults to saving to the user documents folder and this cannot be changed by the user. These files would be lost if the machine were wiped clean, and would be inaccessible unless the user manually moves it to another location.

Is there a way to alter the package contents of the file, perhaps an INI or XML file, so that it save the user's files in the application directory? If everything could be on the USB stick, I could have the students turn in their sticks at the end of class, review their work and then hand out the drives again in the next class so they could continue.

Is there a way to make this work?

Many thanks!


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    I can't answer your question about using a configuration file (INI / XML) because I am not one of the Twine developers but there is a interim solution you can use, teach them to use the built-in Archive option to Backup their work to the USB drive.

    This solution achieves two things:
    a. They learn that backing up their data is a good idea.
    a. They learn about version controlling their data as each Archive file has a unique filename (with a timestamp) by default, and about the ability to return to a previous version of something if they make a major mistake.
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