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Grouping and editing Certain Passages - Background, text, etc.

I want to be able to group certain passages that I have in my story. For example, I want a certain set of passages to have a background that fades from whatever color it is to black to signify the player dying. How would I go about this? In the stylesheet I already changed the background for the body but that's for the whole story, I just want certain passages that I choose. Also, if you just happen to know of the code to help me do the background transition I would reaaally appreciate it!

I'm also going to be using several fonts, and often in the story certain characters have certain fonts. I don't want to have to insert the font and size and color all the time. I want to have several pre-sets like for example whenever Bob talks the text is displayed a certain way. Not sure how to do this. Help?


  • You need to state which story format you are using, as answers can be different for each one.

    You can use passage tags and CSS to achieve what you want, although exactly how you do it depends on which story format you are using.
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