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Save Game Button

Still finding out ways to push the boundaries, and then collapse all the boundaries of the natural world (big thanks for the help so far guys!)

Using Sugarcane on Twine 1.4.2 on windows 8 (some of that has gotta be relevant)
I am trying to use the 'remember' macro to save the game the only way I can think to apply it is if I link to another page, or make a variable that makes an invisible 'display: savegame' appear.
Ideally, I want to make it all enclosed in a single button (much like my 'reset every variable in the game' button that takes over half the page to display haha!)

I appreciate there are probably HTML and othersuch methods for this, but be gentle, I'm still learning Java haha

(partially related... is there a way to make the 'click' macro work in this version? or do I have to HTML it with 'dev' tags?)
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