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Game by chapters - saving?

Hello! I was planning on publishing a game (in the making) in chapters.
I was wondering if i can just "add" a continuation to an already published game while keeping player saves?
Thanks in advance guys!


  • It'd be good for someone who knows more to confirm, but the save-game feature in Harlowe is tied to your story's ID. If you update your story, the save-game's from the previous version will still work. So if you release new "chapters" by just adding them into the same game, you can do as you say.

    Just end each chapter with a passage that says "Come back when you download the new version!" and when they do, and load their game, they'll enter that same passage (which you can update to have a link to chapter 2).
  • Since we're talking about SugarCube.

    If you meant simply add more content to an existing published file, then yes, as long as you don't do anything which would invalidate the save (e.g. deleting or renaming existing passages, variables, etc).

    If you meant create a new story which continues the previous one, then yes, but it requires some additional planning and setup.

    If you meant something else, you'll have to be more specific.
  • Ahh that was all very useful, thank you you've helped me a lot!
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